Electric Mobility Scooter for Cruises & Travel

Free upgrades!!

Cruise Skooter Air

Ultra Lightweight, Foldable, Everyday-use Electric Mobility Scooter 

Designed to also use on Cruise Ships & Airplane Travel

CruiseSkooter mobility scooter for cruises. Red and blue dusk background

Don’t let getting slow…. slow you down…..

From Home to Cobblestone

World Explorer

Airplane Allowed

Cruise in Luxury

Fits narrow cruise ship doors, hallways and eating areas

Fits in the Trunk

Not age, weakness, disability, or even cobblestone streets can stop us from seeing the world

Meet Our Newest 2023 Upgraded Model:

Cruise Skooter Air

From the trunk, to airplane, to enjoying the luxuries of a cruise ship, and then out to explore the world….  this mobility scooter makes it  all possible.

Just Awesome.  Truly Awesome.  Easily the best mobility scooter anywhere for cruising, or if you need something that is portable and can fit in the car to go anywhere.  Absolutely love it!!!  

Kevan W

Test drove this for 60 seconds and immediately traded in my old mobility scooter.  Folds without removing the seat.  Super compact.  Also light enough that I can lift it in and out of the car.

Bruce K

I have been using a travel mobility scooter for several years and could not imagine life without it.  However, the Cruise Skooter is so much better in so many ways than my old scooter.  Definitely an upgrade in comfort and ease to use.  I absolutely love it!!!

Jimae K

I purchased a red Cruise Skooter recently for my dad.  He looks so cute on it 🙂  Light enough he can stand it up on the trunk and then lift the other side to walk it in.  So much more portable than heavier and bulkier mobility scooters.  Already had a friend of  my parents asking about it.

Laura W

The smile on my face was so huge when this went into my car trunk for the first time!


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CruiseSkooter mobility scooter for cruises. Red and blue on sand2

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