Rent a Cruise Skooter

1) Complete the reservation request form below

2)  Have it shipped directly to your home!

The scooter can also be picked up locally or delivered to your home (Utah Wasatch Front only)

3)  Use and enjoy!!!

  • Use it Right from Your Home

    Folds like stroller and fits in the trunk of a car

  • Use it to get around the Airport

    Some airport walks are as long as several miles! No more arranging wheelchairs or just enduring that long trek

  • Take it Right up to the Airplane Door

    Ride the scooter to the airplane door, or boarding ramp (depending on the airline). Remove the battery to take with you onboard. The scooter will be waiting for you at the airplane door when you arrive at your destination.

    Just like a baby stroller, a mobility scooter does not count against you as luggage or as a carryon

  • Use it on the Cruise!

    Intentionally designed to be narrow for cruise doors and hallways, the Cruise Skooter is the ideal way to get around the ship

  • Use it on Tours and Excursions

    Unlike most scooters rented on cruise ships, the Cruise Skooter can go with you off the ship! Easily fits under tour buses or in the trunk of an Uber. Now you can be part of ALL of the fun!

  • Use it for the Return Trip

    Unlike many other rental options, you can use the Cruise Skooter for the return trip as well. That long airport walk back is no longer an issue!

4)  Return the scooter the same way it was received

Reserve Your Cruise Skooter Now!  Simply Fill Out the Form Below and We Will Contact You.

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