Frequently Asked Questions

Cruise Skooter Mobility Scooter Questions

What is so special about the Cruise Skooter?

There is no other scooter on the market that has all of the combined features of the Cruise Skooter.

  • Light weight
  • Fully collapsible in one piece
  • Long range
  • Easy hand squeeze throttle (do not have to push with your poor thumb)
  • Seat back and arm rests (also helps with standing up)
  • Electromagnetic brakes (can go down steep inclines and it brakes easily)
  • Airplane allowed (very few scooters meet airline regulations and allow you to drive right up to the gate or even the airplane door)
  • Cruise boat friendly (fits in doors and even take it right to the dining hall)
  • Easy access batteries for charging and removal when needed
  • Front and rear bags for storage
Please explain the battery options

Every Cruise Skooter purchase includes a rechargeable battery.  These are 10 AH rechargeable lithium batteries.  This is intentional as each of these is just below the airline allowed maximum.  The unfortunate part of this is that it simply means shorter distances can be achieved with each battery.  However, you are able to purchase additional travel batteries if desired.


Additional 10 AH travel batteries can be purchased to take along for those marathon days if needed.


A larger 20 AH rechargeable lithium battery can also be purchased separately if desired for local use. 


The 10 AH batteries are the default because of the intended use of the Cruise Skooter for cruise and world travel.

How long do the batteries last?

Batteries with the airplane compliant batteries that come with the scooter are rated to last for 6 miles.

The additional larger capacity batteries are rated to last for 12 miles.


One thing to consider is that some users have reported the battery indicator on the scooter seems to show having more battery life than they experience.  While this is a matter of personal interpretation, we strongly suggest simply charging the scooter at the end of the day if it has been used.  In so doing, it should have the expected 6 miles of use available each and every time it goes out for the day.

Are there lighter options?

The Cruise Skooter is one of the lightest and most compact travel scooters in the world.  This allows it to fit in a trunk or be put away in a closet. 


There are other scooters on the market that claim to be a fraction lighter, but often achieve this by disassembling the scooter into different parts, with the overall weight of the scooter being heavier.  This basically translates to taking the seat off and often attaching front and back parts in order for each section to weigh less.  While this may achieve a lighter weight with each disassembled piece, it means assembling and disassembly the scooter each and every time the scooter is used.  It can also often result in creaky and noisy connecting pieces when riding the scooter.


For cruise and world travel we have determined that a scooter absolutely must 1) be light enough for elderly individuals to lift it as needed and 2) be all in one complete piece when folded.

What if I still cannot lift it?

Even though the Cruise Skooter is extremely light when compared to most mobility scooters, it still weighs 33 lbs and can also be awkward for some to lift.


We have found that there is a great alternate technique.  Lift just one side of the scooter up (so it is standing up) and rest it against the back of the car or whatever you are trying to lift it into.  The scooter is generally long enough to easily reach the edge of a car trunk when standing up.  Then, lift the side that is on the ground (like a seesaw/teeter totter).  That way you are only lifting half of the weight of the scooter at any time. 


It works great for getting the Cruise Skooter in and out of the trunk.

What are the specs on the Cruise Skooter?
  • Includes a 10 mA rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Includes a battery charger
  • Includes front and rear bags
  • Max Speed 4.35 mph
  • Weight Capacity 276 lbs
  • Dimensions 39.5″ L x 17.25″ W x 34.5″ H
  • Folding Size 39.5″ L x 17.25″ W x 17.5″ H
  • Wheels Front 8 inch solid tires, rear 8 inch solid tires
  • 250W Motor
  • Recharges most batteries in 6-8 hours
  • Incline Capacity 8 degrees
  • Net weight 33 lbs
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty is included with all Cruise Skooter purchases
  • 30 day “You Will Absolutely LOVE IT” money-back satisfaction guarantee is included with all Cruise Skooter purchases
Do I have to worry about flat tires?

No flat tires!  Cruise Skooter uses solid tires, allowing for no worries on even the toughest terrain.

Does the seat swivel?

The seat does not swivel, but the armrests lift up and down making it easy to get in and out.  If needed, the armrests also can be fully removed.

Does it require assembly?

Most of the Cruise Skooter comes fully assembled.  There are a few simple things that do need to be assembled upon opening the box:


1) Armrests need to be added to each side.  They can also be left off if desired


2) The upgraded padded seat is placed on the scooter (has velcro underneath so it can be removed for use on chairs and other locations when not sitting on the scooter)


3) Front and rear bags can be added (have simple velcro straps)


4) The extra padded backrest slides over back brace and rear bag.  It can also easily removed if not wanted.


These are all very simple to do.  If you have any issues with assembly, there is an included instruction manual.  You can also contact us at any time.

Why are there no brakes?

The Cruise Skooter comes with one of the newest innovations in braking: electromagnetic brakes.  This means the scooter automatically brakes when you let off the power.  This saves your hand from squeezing brakes and is a much safer option overall.

Lights, bigger motor, bigger batteries, suspension, and all the other features I wish the CruiseSkooter had?

Yes, the Cruise Skooter is missing some features that other mobility scooters may have.  However, almost all of those features are not included intentionally. 


Whenever you add more features, it translates to two terrible things for travel: increased weight and increased size.  The Cruise Skooter comes with many modern features, and especially all that are necessary for cruise and world travel.  It has been carefully engineered for that purpose and intentionally left out anything else that might unnecessarily add weight and/or size.  The next time you compare the Cruise Skooter to any other mobility scooter on the market, ask yourself these simple questions,


1) “Could I lift that scooter?” 

2) “Is that scooter approved for airplane travel?”  

3) “Can that scooter fold completely without disassembly to easily fit in a car trunk or tour bus?”


That “other scooter” might have some extra bells and whistles, but it also will not likely stand up the test of those three essential questions.

How compact is it folded down?

The Cruise Skooter will fold down the seat completely by just pulling one pin.  The steering column twists a knob at the base and will collapse onto the seat.


Fully collapsed, it is about the size of a large suitcase.


One downside of having plush extra-cushioned seats and backrests is that they make it more difficult to fold up compactly.  For this reason, some users find it easier to just remove the seat cushion (velcro to the base) and remove the pad on the seat back (also velcro).  With those removed, it folds up very compact. 


Some users have said that they like to take the removed seat cushion on the airplane with them to be extra comfy on the plane ride.

My Cruise Skooter is beeping loudly at me. What do I do?

The Cruise Skooter will typically have beeping noises for one of two reasons:


1) The battery is low and needs to be charged.


2) The yellow lever at the bottom is in the “open” position (means it is basically in neutral so it can roll without power).  Move the lever into the “closed” position so it can move under power.  Once in the closed position the scooter should stop beeping as long as the batteries are charged.

Travel Questions

What about my luggage?

We have found that many can maximize the luggage situation by:


1) using front and back scooter bags for smaller items and oxygen machines

2) wearing a backpack (often considered a personal item on most flights)

3) pulling a piece of luggage by its handle behind the scooter

How does airplane travel work?

Every airline is unique.  In some cases, you might even be the first person they have encountered using a scooter for mobility (that has happened to us).


If you are traveling with disability status (which ANYONE can ask for without a physician note or handicap pass), you will need to check in for your flight at the registration desk.


They will tag the scooter as a piece of luggage (no extra cost or penalty- it does not count against your luggage allowed) so that it can be stored below the plane.  You still keep your mobility scooter at that time so you can use it to get around the airport.  You will then give the scooter to an agent when you board (depending on the airline, this can be at the gate and then you are taken by wheelchair down the ramp, or often at the door of the airplane itself). 


They might ask specific questions about the scooter’s weight, dimensions and especially about its batteries.  That information is all available on this website on the features page.


Some airlines have their own policies that require someone take you in a wheelchair down the airplane ramp (they take your mobility scooter at that time).  Some international flights do not have ramps and will have you board and disembark on the tarmac.  Those typically will take and return the mobility scooter at the stairs where you board the plane.

How do Uber and taxi rides work?

The Cruise Skooter folds into one piece and fits into the trunk of a car.  Super easy!

It cannot be overstated what a benefit this is compared to other scooters.  No disassemble and reassemble to fit into a car.  No multiple pieces that have to somehow fit like a jigsaw puzzle (if it fits at all) or end up riding on someone’s lap.

Does it fit on tour buses?

Could not be easier! The Cruise Skooter instantly collapses and goes right underneath in the luggage compartment.


Retrieve and use at each stop along the way!

Can it go on the subway and metro?

Some trains already have locations for scooters and bicycles.  Others may require you to collapse it and have it rest against you.  Either way, the Cruise Skooter is fine to go with you!

Why not just rent a scooter on the cruise boat?

Renting is definitely a convenient option.  However, it is important to consider the following:


1) Airports are big piece of getting there and back.  Having a mobility scooter to get to and from the airplane is often one of the most important uses of a mobility scooter.


2) The scooters on a cruise ship are not designed to be portable.  They cannot easily leave the ship and be taken on excursions (ex: stowed under a tour bus or put in the trunk of a taxi).  If you plan to get off the ship and explore, you might be very disappointed in the limitations of a rental scooter.


3) The scooters rented on a cruise ship are often bigger and bulkier, making them stable and powerful, but not very practical for fitting in tight doors, getting around dining areas, or storing in a small cruise ship room.  Yes, they are very helpful, but not having a foldable, narrow, streamlined scooter can also be frustrating.

Purchase Questions

I Paid! Why does my order say "in process" instead of "completed?"

Please rest assured your order was received and is paid for.  The website software requires all purchases to be labeled as “in process” until purchases are shipped.


You should have still received a confirmation email of your payment. 


You will also receive another email to confirm the order has been shipped and is in a “completed” status once that happens.

Do you have payment plan options?

Yes! At checkout, there are installment plan options through both PayPal and Affirm.  Feel free to explore the links at checkout for payment plan options.

What payment options to you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, Paypal, and also installment payment options through Paypal and Affirm.


Please see the refund and terms and conditions pages for refund questions.

Guarantees and Warranty?

All purchases come with a 30 day “You Will Absolutely LOVE IT Guarantee.”


All purchases also come with a one year warranty.

Customer Support Questions

Can I message you directly?

Feel free to message our Customer Support Team directly at our contact page

Contact Information?

Free free to email us at:



You can also reach us by mail at:


Cruise Skooter

971 S. University Ave
Provo, UT 84601
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